1. Factor Friction

    The "Factor Friction" EP, Spruke's fifth overall release, sees the Buffalo producer take his characteristic unconventional songwriting arrangements and flavor them with twists from the dubstep genre. Spruke's classic electronica style is at the heart of these six tracks, but it grows and learns with the flavorings of dubstep growls and whomps, without falling into the same traditional verse-drop-verse-drop style that can plague tracks without a story to tell- no, here, the story is first and foremost, as the EP explores an omnipresent but undefinable sense of anxiety that pervades the singers. Featuring a guest verse on various tracks from each of Spruke's associated acts- Chapin, Aaron M, and Laura- this is a cohesive work that never seems to sit still, with its own distinct style and songs that defy typical arrangements.
  2. Katana & Tonic

    "Katana & Tonic" is the debut album by Laura By Spruke, a collaboration between Buffalo electro producer Spruke (his fourth release overall) and media artist Laura Grace. The album is an exploration of where gritty garage-style punk rock meets 8-bit and retro culture. NES samples and videogame noises pepper an audio landscape in front of loudly dirtied drums and authentic acoustic guitar pickings to create a new sound, one where the honesty and angst of teenage attitudes revisit the influences we grew up with in the early days of our shared geek heritage. Lyrics explore gaming influences before diving into the harsh truths of the reality; a place where regular gamer girls find the contrast between the comfy spaces on their armchairs and the tragedies of the world, fraught with drinking, partying, and bad decisions. The album tells the story of one girl's descent: from cocky, opinionated gamer-bitch, down through to the bottom of the barrel as life's pressures and heartbreaks destroy her tough exterior and casual fun attitudes, and building back up to a new mindset that may have to sustain her futureā€¦
  3. Tha Gatherin

    Pro tour veteran and reknowned author Patrick Chapin "The Innovator" teams up with Buffalo producer Bill Boulden a.k.a. Spruke to bring you Tha Gatherin, the self-titled debut of the world's first Magic: The Gathering rap collaboration. Featuring 16 tracks, and including all Tha Gatherin tracks from old hits like "Shuffle Em Up" and "Still Had All Deez" through a dozen tracks of brand-new material like "Jace the Mind Sculptor" and "Hymn to Tourach", Tha Gatherin raps about Magic: The Gathering games, cards, culture, and personalities.
  4. Let's Throw A Party

    Ten singers. Twenty-one tracks. Sixty minutes of uninterrupted beats. A songwriter/producer takes the best few tracks from every act he's ever collaborated with and remixes it all together into one nonstop party mix.
  5. Infektipede EP

    A cryptic look at the dark things that skitter about the back of your mind. Take that uncertain rage straight to the dance floor with these unequivocally aggressive industrial beats.